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APC Awards Office Scholarships to Employee Students

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Since 2013, APC has awarded over $26,500 in scholarships. The most recent scholarship recipients are Ashley Till, Rhett Jordan, Diego Sojo, and Danielle Boerstler. Congratulations to all and keep up… Read More

Why Mosquitoes In Aiken Bite

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Have you ever had a lovely summer barbecue ruined by swarms of flying, biting insects? Your guests are slapping at their arms, legs, and necks. Children are crying, neighbors are fleeing. Clouds of… Read More

APC Is Proud To Support Our Newest Teachers

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Welcome new teachers!  Aiken Pest Control co-owners, Craig & Scott Heath, along with the entire APC team, would like to welcome this year’s new teachers and thank them for their dedication to… Read More

Aiken Property Owners' Complete Ant Prevention Guide

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First, there’s one. Then two… four… six… a dozen... Before you know it, an army is marching its troops across your kitchen counter. You suddenly come to an alarming realization: you’ve got… Read More

How To Get Rid Of Rodents On Your Aiken, SC Property

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Ask anyone who’s had a rodent infestation, and they’ll tell you the terrors that these furry pests can be. From disease to destruction, rodents cause almost every pest problem possible. And while… Read More

How Dangerous Are Bed Bugs In Aiken, SC?

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When it comes to parasites, bed bugs are one of the worst offenders. These Aiken pests come with a long list of problems. To make matters worse, bed bugs are extremely common and difficult to… Read More


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