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The Easiest Way To Deter Crickets In Aiken

a cricket on a plant

Hearing incessant cricket chirping in your Aiken home? Learn how to deter these noisy pests and keep them out for good. Read More

Fungus Gnats In Aiken: Keeping Them Outside Your Home

a fungus gnat on a flower

Fungus gnats are tiny but annoying insects. Find out how to keep them away from your Aiken home. Read More

Should I Consult A Professional For The Termites On My Aiken…

a termite crawling in a nest

Termites are tricky to remove from Aiken properties. Discover how professional solutions are the best protection against these destructive pests. Read More

Don't Let Wildlife Run Amok On Your Aiken Property

a squirrel eating on a log

Aiken wildlife species can pose any risks for property owners. Learn how to remove these animals safely and effectively. Read More

Are Pharaoh Ants Attracted To Something Inside My Aiken…

pharaoh ants on food

Pharaoh ants in Aiken can be dangerous. Protect your home from these pests by removing the factors that attract them. Read More

Real Estate Inspections Are A Necessity For New Homeowners…

aiken sc pest control

Real estate pest inspections are a vital part of purchasing a home in Aiken. Learn how Aiken Pest Control can provide accurate pest inspection reports for prospective home buyers.  Read More


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