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How to Keep Yellow Jackets Away from Your Home and Family During the Summertime

an angry yellow jacket sitting on a snone edge ready to fly around an aiken south carolina home

"Yellow jackets are those the stinging insects that everyone knows about but no one wants to have a first-hand experience with. These aggressive, warm-weather pests become most active during spring and summer, though they are capable of surviving through the colder months if their nest is located somewhere warm and sheltered. Most of the time, however, yellow jacket season spans from spring until…"

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How High Heat and Heavy Rainfall Leads to Termite Infestations in Aiken

a couple of profession pest control technicians evaluating the damage and treatment plan for termites control on an aiken south carolina property

"Every year, Aiken property owners are afflicted with new pest pressures with each change of the seasons. Termites are one of the pest pressures you may face year-round. However, termites are typically more active in the late spring and summer months. Now that the high heat of summer has arrived, termites are as active as ever around Aiken properties and inside homes."

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