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Aiken Homeowner’s Guide To Paper Wasp Prevention

a paper wasp crawling on a nest

With the warm weather we enjoy in South Carolina, it's only natural to want to go out and play, especially as spring ushers in national pastimes and more outdoor opportunities. But pests become more… Read More

Secret To Solving Moisture Issues In Your Aiken Home

mold on walls in a home without moisture control

Issues with moisture in the home don’t just result in water damage, mold, and mildew. They can also exacerbate the conditions that lead to pest infestations. So knowing how to identify and prevent… Read More

Why Cockroaches In Your Aiken Home Are More Dangerous Than…

a cockroach crawling on a living room floor

Known in parts of the South as “palmetto bugs,” cockroaches go by many names but they are a universally-known problem to have inside homes. They bring disease, squalor and all-around grossness… Read More

Spring Pest Prevention Tips For A Pest-Free Aiken Home

spring cleaning yard for pest prevention

Winter is over and spring is taking hold. While this means you’re likely to spend more time outdoors, it also means that pests are becoming newly active. Preventative measures are key to repelling… Read More

What Every Aiken Resident Ought To Know About Centipedes

centipede eating a fly

Do you know that centipede means 100-footed, even though no centipede in the world has a hundred feet? It's true. Do you know that centipede means 100-footed, even though no centipede in the world has… Read More

Which Is Worse To Have In Your Aiken Home; Rats Or Mice?

rodent infestation on the floor

When rodents get into your Aiken home, they can become pests in many ways. They can damage your home by chewing entry points and access points, or by scavenging materials to build their nests. The… Read More


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