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Minimizing Tick Exposure in Aiken

a deer tick crawling along the bare skin of an aiken south carolina resident

"Ticks might be some of the scariest pests out there. This is because of the diseases they carry, which are harmful to humans and animals alike. You may not even feel a tick bite at first, but the effects can last for years. South Carolina has the perfect climate for ticks to survive, so it’s well worth looking into how to protect yourself and your family from ticks and the diseases they carry."

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Identifying A Powder Post Beetle Infestation in Your Aiken Home

the early signs of a powder post beetle damage on an aiken south carolina property

"Insects are considered pests for many reasons. Some pests sting or bite, some transmit dangerous diseases, some are known for the property damage they cause. In this last group, many insects eat and destroy the wood in a home. Powder post beetles fit into this category. These wood-eating beetles can spend years eating away at wood in a home before being noticed, causing damage that is both…"

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