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How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats In Aiken, SC Homes

a fungus gnat on a plant

While we often focus our attention on large or imposing pest species, small, less imposing pests tend to be the most difficult to manage. Similar to mosquitoes in many ways, gnats are some of the most… Read More

Signs Of Powderpost Beetles In Aiken, SC Homes

damage on wood from a powderpost beetle

When we think of insects that destroy wood, we consider termites, carpenter ants, and the occasional carpenter bee. But what we very rarely consider is the humble powderpost beetle, one of the most… Read More

Aiken Pest Control Provides USCA Scholarship In Honor…


The Heath Family and Aiken Pest Control have set up an endowed scholarship in honor and memory of their brother, Chuck, who was an USCA alum.  The Charles T. Heath Endowed Scholarship is set up at… Read More

Aiken Pest Control Sponsors The Aiken County Home…

an aiken sponsor

Last Friday, the Aiken Home Builders Association held its 11th Annual Clay Shoot after a 1-year pause due to COVID-19.  The event serves has a major fundraiser for the association to support two of… Read More

Aiken Pest Control Continues Their Support of…

stand up for children logo

Since 2017, Aiken Pest Control has been a consistent supporter of the Children’s Place Capital Campaign to raise funds for the building of a new facility Read More

Linking Research & Application: APC & The Heath Family…

family support

Aiken Pest Control and the Heath family proudly support the Clemson Urban Entomology Endowment Initiative. This important program focuses on the future of the pest management industry in South… Read More

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