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Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Heat Treatments

bed bug crawling on bed in aiken, sc

"When it comes to exterminating bed bugs, heat treatments are a relatively new approach. Since the return of bed bug infestations in the United State toward the end of the 1990's, an application of EPA-registered products has been the solution used by professionals. So, we still get quite a few questions about bed bug heat treatments. If you have questions, take a look and see if your question is…"

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Did You Get Bed Bugs For Christmas?

bed bug crawling on bed

"With all of the ways that bed bugs can get into our homes, it’s not a question of what bad decisions we've made that led to an infestation. Maybe you stayed over somewhere for Christmas, unknowingly bringing home some unexpected baggage. Maybe someone stayed over at your house for the holidays, and unbeknownst to both of you, the hotel they stayed at the night before gave them more than they…"

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