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Why Do Aiken Healthcare Facilities Need Professional…

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Bed bugs are almost undetectable unless you look closely at the seams or folds in fabrics or you are bitten. If they find their way inside, they are extremely difficult to eliminate. Read More

Keeping Bed Bugs From Ruining Your Aiken Holidays

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You’re counting on visiting with many beloved friends and family this holiday season, but what you might not expect is a surprise attack from these blood-sucking menaces. Read More

What If The Bed Bug Does Bite?

bed bug bites on a childs legs

It can be easy to think that "bed bugs" is used as a broad term to describe any bug that bites us while we sleep, like spiders or centipedes; in reality, bed bugs are a specific pest all on their own… Read More

Is There A Home Remedy For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs That…

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In life, there are always two ways to fix a problem: doing it yourself or having a professional solve it. Which of these options you choose comes down to a few factors. Do you have or can you learn… Read More

How To Avoid Bed Bugs While On Summer Vacation

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Like many Aiken residents, you might be getting ready to leave for your summer vacation, but it’s important to note that certain pests become a much greater problem during the summer—namely, bed… Read More

Bed Bug Prevention Strategies For The Spring

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Typically, a pest's season changes based on the climate they are found in. But here in South Carolina, our weather is more temperate and pests tend to have longer seasons. Keeping this in mind, bed… Read More


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