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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

bed bug up close

"Thanksgiving is the time of year that is filled with yummy food, lots of laughter, and moments of joy and thankfulness spent with family. It is also a very busy time of year, whether you are traveling to visit family, or you have family coming to visit you. While Thanksgiving is an exciting time, there is also a lot of stress that coincides with that excitement. One of the stresses that homeowners…"

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Benefits Of Bed Bug Heat Treatments

bed bug in south carolina home

"Bed bugs have made a resurgence lately all over the United States and the world. They seem to be spreading everywhere and making headlines in the news as they go. They are easy to pick up in many public places and can be easily introduced to your own home. They can ride on your shoes, clothing, luggage, briefcases, umbrellas, and pretty much anything you have with you. You can get them from…"

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