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Where Are All These Tiny Red Clover Mites Coming From?

a clover mite crawling on a kitchen surface

You see something scurry across your hand. It’s reddish-orange and so tiny that you may not have noticed had it not been for its bright color. You go to flick it off your hand, but instead it… Read More

How Fall Ticks Get Inside South Carolina Homes

deer tick crawling on a stick

The CDC predicted tick bites to continually increase this year and, as the weather cools, this is certainly the case. It’s during the cool weather that ticks will seek warm bodies and warm locations… Read More

Fall Nuisance Pest Prevention For South Carolina…

a box elder bug crawling on house siding

It’s that time of year where everything starts to move indoors! Pests are looking for a warm place to spend the winter and that place may just be your cozy, South Carolina home. Read More

What’s That Ant In My Kitchen?

a carpenter ant crawling in the kitchen

Ants. We’ve all seen them, and whether you find them inside or outside your home, it is always helpful to be able to identify which type of ant you are observing. With fall now upon us, several… Read More

What’s That Rodent In My Kitchen?

a mouse eating flour in a kitchen pantry

When approaching fall, we like to get ready for the holidays as well as the prospect of winter closing in on us. However, several homeowners fail to think about some of the negative things that tend… Read More

Why Call A Professional Immediately For Cockroach…

cockroach crawling in kitchen sink

Fear can be a powerful motivator. It can motivate even the most stable-minded of individuals to scream and jump several feet through the air onto objects that should never have people on them. But… Read More


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