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How Much Do You Really Know About Springtails In…

a springtail crawling on the ground

Springtails are very small insects. They range from 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch long, so you may have come across them many times and not realized it. Springtails are everywhere, so chances are good… Read More

What Every Aiken Resident Ought To Know About…

centipede eating a fly

Do you know that centipede means 100-footed, even though no centipede in the world has a hundred feet? It's true. Do you know that centipede means 100-footed, even though no centipede in the world has… Read More

The Slithery Silverfish Is An Unwelcome Sight In Your…

tree silverfish in the bottom of a glass

Are you seeing silverfish in your home? Would you know what they were if you saw them? It can be difficult to identify them because they don't look like the pictures you see online. Read More

Common Nuisance Pests To Watch Out For This Summer

an earwig in a bowl of grapes

There are many nuisance pests that are prominent in the summer, such as box elder bugs, earwigs, crickets, ladybugs, millipedes, silverfish, and springtails. No matter the pest or size of the… Read More

What Are House Centipedes And How Did They Get Into My…

a house centipede on a rock near house

When you wake up in the night to grab a glass of water, nothing is more frightening than spotting a long, snake-like creature dart across your floor. At closer inspection, you may notice that this is… Read More

Factors That Attract Springtails To South Carolina…

a springtail crawling on a fence

In South Carolina, there are some that everyone knows and some pests that are lesser-known like springtails. Below we’ll learn about springtails and the factors that attract them... Read More


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