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Why Every Homeowner Should Consider Year-Round Pest Control

technician explaining services

"Owning a home can be a lot of work, a never-ending to-do list full of yard work, upkeep, small repairs, cleaning, painting and more. It can be truly daunting. Throw a pest problem into the mix and you could be ready to throw in the towel on homeownership. Pests from rodents to bugs, bats to termites can destroy your peace of mind and your home. You can spend your weeks doing research on how to rid…"

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Tips To Avoid Christmas Decoration Pests

box of christmas decorations

"After Christmas each year we put our Christmas decorations away, hopefully fairly soon after the holiday is over. We will leave them sitting for the next 11 months without giving them another thought, but it's worth considering that several types of pests could have made claim to those unsupervised boxes and started living there comfortably for that whole time. Some of the most common pests that…"

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blog tags year-round pest control in sc blog tags holiday decorations blog tags pest prevention tips

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