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The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Spiders In Aiken

Spiders and their webs belong outdoors, not in your home. Learn how to get rid of spiders for good with Aiken Pest Control's help.   Read More

How Dangerous Are Black Widow Spiders In South…

a black widow on front porch of south carolina home

Do you know the symptoms of a black widow spider bite, or are you only aware that being bitten isn't good? It’s okay if all you know is that black widow bites are dangerous, especially if that means… Read More

Why Spiders Invade South Carolina Homes During The…

a house spider in a window

There are hundreds of great summer activities such as hiking, swimming, camping, playing sports, or watching movies. As we move toward the end of summer, you could be re-watching all your favorite… Read More

Preventing House Spider Infestations In South Carolina…

a common house spider outside a home in sc

With the rise in insect activity, many South Carolina residents see a rise in spider activity around their homes. This is because spiders, like insects, become much more active during summer. Read More

When Should I Be Worried About Black Widow And Brown…

a brown recluse spider on a rock

Have you ever wondered why spiders are such a feared pest here in America? It is certainly not because all spiders are dangerous as only 30 species our of 43,000 species of spiders have reportedly… Read More

Common Mistakes South Carolina Homeowners Make To…

house spider crawling in a basement

When you live in South Carolina, you get used to dealing with pests year round. Even the ones that can’t handle the cold often end up moving into your home in the winter, making them an even bigger… Read More

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