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Help Us Protect The Honey Bees In Aiken

bee getting pollen from flower

Read more in this informative guide to learn how Aiken Pest Control can safely remove honey bees without damaging them. Read More

Why Are Stinging Insects So Aggressive During The Fall…

a yellow jacket on a leaf

What would you do to protect your home and the people inside if an intruder broke in? Whatever it takes, right? Wasps are the same way. When they feel someone is a threat to their home, they will do… Read More

Tips For Keeping Stinging Insects Away From The Pool

a paper wasp floating on water

If you plan to spend any time at all around the pool during the summer, you could be sharing your space with a barrage of bees, wasps, and yellow jackets if you are not prepared.  Read More

How To Keep Yellow Jackets Away From Your Home And…

a yellow jacket on a browning leaf

Yellow jackets are those the stinging insects that everyone knows about but no one wants to have a first-hand experience with. These aggressive, warm-weather pests become most active during spring and… Read More

Wasp-Proofing Your South Carolina Home For The Summer

a wasp nest on a south carolina home

Many people have had the unpleasant experience of being stung by one of the many species of stinging insects. If you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid this experience, there’s a high likelihood… Read More

How To Keep Stinging Insects Out Of Your Lawn This…

a yellow jacket crawling on a wooden table

Do you know what happens to wasps in the winter? If you don't, it is time you did. Understanding what happens to wasps in winter can help you keep them out of your lawn this summer and prevent them… Read More

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