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Don't Let Wildlife Run Amok On Your Aiken Property

a squirrel eating on a log

Aiken wildlife species can pose any risks for property owners. Learn how to remove these animals safely and effectively. Read More

Are Pharaoh Ants Attracted To Something Inside My Aiken…

pharaoh ants on food

Pharaoh ants in Aiken can be dangerous. Protect your home from these pests by removing the factors that attract them. Read More

Real Estate Inspections Are A Necessity For New Homeowners…

aiken sc pest control

Real estate pest inspections are a vital part of purchasing a home in Aiken. Learn how Aiken Pest Control can provide accurate pest inspection reports for prospective home buyers.  Read More

Termite Control In Aiken: Answers For Homeowners

termite crawling on the ground

Termites can cause structural damage to your home and lower property value. Aiken Pest Control can help get rid of termites and prevent future infestations from occurring.  Read More

Sanitation Services In Aiken Should Be A Number One Priority

disinfecting services

Keeping commercial and public spaces sanitary is a vital part of keeping communities healthy. Aiken Pest Control can help by providing professional sanitation services.  Read More

Don't Let Bed Bugs Live Their Best Lives In Your Aiken Home

bed bug biting skin

Bed bug infestations are an unfortunately frequent occurrence for homeowners in Aiken. Aiken Pest Control can help by providing extermination and prevention services for homeowners.  Read More


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