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Why Do I Keep Finding Ants Inside My Aiken Home?

ants crawling on a bowl

Do ants like invading dirty homes? Find out, here, and learn what method works best to eliminate these pests in Aiken. Read More

Everything Aiken Residents Should Know About Silverfish…

silverfish in home

Have problems removing silverfish from your home? Follow our guide for total silverfish control in the Aiken area. Read More

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation In Aiken

Bed bug infestation

Bed bug infestations can be troublesome to deal with and hard to detect. Follow our tips for properly identifying a bed bug infestation. Read More

The Problems With Rodent Infestations In Aiken

house mouse on moss

Rodent infestations can be incredibly difficult to prevent and hard to remove. Do you know the dangers of hosting rodents in your Aiken home? Read More

Are the Termites In Aiken Dangerous To People and Pets?

termites in wood

Are you struggling with termites in your home? Our guide will tell you whether or not these pests are dangerous to encounter. Read More

Are Aiken, SC Brown Recluse Spiders Dangerous?

up close image of a brown recluse spider

Of all the hundreds of spider species that live in the United States, only two have the ability to damage people and pets significantly. One of these includes the brown recluse spider, a devastating… Read More


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