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Are Mosquitoes In Aiken Still A Problem During The…

a mosquito biting a south carolina resident in the fall

Every pest has its season. And all pests come and go in a fairly predictable manner. Today we will be discussing mosquito season and figuring out whether or not we can expect mosquitoes to stick… Read More

How Does Professional Mosquito Control Work?

an aiken pest professional treating for mosquitoes

In case you thought otherwise, mosquitoes are nearly impossible to deter on your own, especially during South Carolina summers. Hot and humid environments will goad these pesky bugs into a biting… Read More

What To Do When Mosquitoes Start Buzzing Around Your…

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There are many ways to prevent mosquitoes bites. You can apply mosquito repellent to your skin or to your clothing to ward off bites. You can wear bright colors to make it harder for mosquitoes to… Read More

Why Call Aiken For Mosquito Problems In South Carolina

aiken tech treating shrubs for mosquitoes

All over the U.S., mosquitoes in the summertime can be a real headache. The same is true here in South Carolina. And these tiny, annoying insects can be extremely difficult to control... Read More

Mosquitoes Will Soon Return To South Carolina - Are You…

mosquito biting skin

Every year, like clockwork, mosquitoes become active again. They'll soon be invading outdoor gatherings, campsites, and fishing areas in mass numbers, looking for a blood meal. Are you prepared to… Read More

When Will Mosquitoes Start Swarming Again?

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While most of us enjoy the warmth of spring and fall and the heat of summer, we can all agree that winter has its perks. One major perk is the lack of mosquitoes in the colder winter months… Read More


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