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Tick Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

tick found on a leaf in south carolina

"There is a lot of hype surrounding ticks and how dangerous they are, and unfortunately, much of the hype is true. Though tiny, a tick bite can do major damage. Ticks are very dangerous and spread serious diseases; they are parasitic pests that feed on the blood of a wide range of different hosts including people and our pets. Understanding just how dangerous they can be is important, and taking…"

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What To Expect During Your Termite Treatment

termites in water damaged wood

"Termites, these small pests can cause a lot of damages to homes and buildings by continuously tunneling through and feeding on structural wood. Termites are rarely seen by people, but their damages have a huge effect on people’s stress levels and bank accounts. Throughout the entire United States, these wood consuming pests are responsible for over five billion dollars worth of damages annually…"

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